About Big Bang

  Big Bang Mongolian Grill is our second location owned by Charlie who also owns the Charlie's Mongolian BBQ on Diamond Ave for the last 15 years.

  " The quality of the food and its affordability. It's healthy, it's friendly and people like to come back." Said Charlie.

  Rather than the often greasy, over processed version of Asian food offered in many American restaurants, We wanted to provide fresh and healthful food in a fun atmosphere.

  At Big Bang, customers select from around 40 varieties of fresh vegetables, meats and noodles, stacking as much as they can carry in a bowl.

  The bowl is handed to a cook who adds the customer's choice of spices and sauces, then throws it all on a large, round grill, where it cooks in minutes whole the customer watches.

  Word-of-mouth is our best advertisement. We believe everyone can find their happy stomach in Big Bang!

Big Bang

From the Press


Customer review 

“Absolutely Wonderful. First time dining here. The food and service was spectacular. The owner, Charlie was there to personally welcome and help his patrons have a fabulous experience. I can't say anything but good about this place. Definitely coming back!”


Customer review 

“I love that I knew exactly what was in my bowl, stacked high with as much sauce and everything else I wanted, including an egg on the grill!! The staff was friendly and looked like they were happy to be there! My husband and I will be back!!”


Bloger, Spencer McKee

“Patrons are put in the driver's seat with full control over what gets put in their stir-fry. With a counter full of meats, vegetables, and noodles visitors stack a bowl high with ingredients before giving it to the chef to prepare. If you're really hungry and you know what you like, this is the ultimate place for you”

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