The Big Bang's Difference

  • Our meat is delivered fresh. We trim the fat for a leaner protein, then it’s frozen and shaved thin so every piece cooks evenly with the vegetables.

  • We chop up fresh veggies every day to ensure you’re getting the most nutritious and in-season ingredients available.

  • Even our sause is made in-house  with traditional spices and seasonings for a quality meal that tastes homemade and NO MSG!

What is Mongolian Grill?

  Mongolian Grill is a style of Stir-fry which allows diners to pick their own ingredients and sauce, assembling a dish which is customized to their tastes. Mongolian Grill is prepared on a very large and extremely hot griddle. Diners pick out the vegetables and meats they want, along with a sauce, and the cook tosses the ingredients on the griddle and fries them. Many people like Mongolian Grill because they enjoy having control over the contents of their plates. This is especially true for people who are picky, as it allows them to create a custom dish which caters to their desires. Mongolian Grill can also be fun, as diners typically watch the cook at work, and it can be exciting to think about the best pairings of vegetables and meats. 

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